Dual Occupancy

"Established areas often present great opportunities to sub divide."

Opportunity awaits.

Leneeva Homes works closely with our design partners to maximise the use of your land whilst creating the appeal that helps attract great tenants or premium buyers should you decide to sell.
Leneeva Homes offers a free project brief meeting to better help you understand what is possible the pathways and processes.

Join Joe Dimech from Leneeva Homes and Vivienne Zhang from Win Real Estate as they take a detailed look through this project in Mulgrave.

Take a tour of this project

These units in Ferntree Gully make the most of this corner site. With one on each street frontage the rear unit also enjoys views out to the adjoining park.

Get more value out of your land with dual occupancy designs

Known as dual occupancy homes, duplex houses, or multi-dwellings, dual occupancy designs are unusual structures in which two separate properties sit on the same piece of land but possess one land title.

The homes are on the same site, giving you two residences for the price of one. They are also a suitable option for large families, so parents can live on one side, and adult children can live on the other. This is highly ideal when you’re looking for an option that allows for a wealth of space in a desirable location.

Duplex homes are making a comeback

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, dual occupancy designs were common across Melbourne and wider Australia, but over the years, they lost their appeal, and their construction dipped off. But rising house prices and the increased cost of living in recent years has made them a desirable option once more.

Ultimately, they open up many possibilities, allowing you to live side-by-side but in separate living quarters. This is highly ideal for situations such as:

  • Being able to care for an elderly relative;
  • A teenage child who is studying and is not in a financial position to live out of home;
  • Investing in services such as Airbnb to generate additional income.


Making the most of your land

While many people are choosing to build dual occupancy and duplex homes in Melbourne, the bottom line is that available land in desirable locations is getting harder and harder to find. Many of our clients now seek out older properties so they can knock them down and build, putting duplexes on them instead. This gives them the ability to get the most value out of their investment as possible.

Note: Just be careful when looking at older properties, however, as they are sometimes heritage listed. In these cases, demolition is not an option. All potential sites are governed by planning laws which may restrict the use of a site for this purpose so we recommend talking to the team at Leneeva homes for advice before you purchase.

If knocking down an old property sounds appealing to you, Leneeva Homes can take care of this entire process for you all the way through to the final construction of your new dual occupancy design.

Dual occupancy builders who know the lay of the land

Our process starts by sitting down with you and determining what your vision looks like. To help you better understand what is possible through the available pathways and any necessary steps, Leneva Homes offers a free project brief meeting.

We work closely with our design partners to maximise the use of your land, whilst creating an appeal that helps attract great tenants or premium buyers, should you decide to sell.

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