4 Designer Tips for Interior Styling Your New Home on a Budget

16 Sep

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the styling elements of your new home. You can still produce a stylish, sophisticated home that you, your friends and family will absolutely love. You want to stretch your decorating dollars, making them count for everything they are worth and then some.

Here are a few tips for styling your new home on a budget.

1. What are the Pros Doing?

Following your favourite design influencers and brands on social media is the perfect way to keep up with trends and gain inspiration. It also allows you the opportunity to ‘get the look for less’ and grab a great deal. Keeping updated with your favourite labels puts you first for their exclusive sales and social media promotions.

Following your favourite labels on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest is the best way to get the latest looks and deals.

2. Go Green and Lean

For a chic, clean look, clear your surfaces of any unnecessary scraps and replace them with indoor plants. Indoor plants are all the rage right now, and with good reason: not only do they add a continuous splash of colour and life to your home, they are also very good for you. Indoor plants filter out air pollutants and lift your mood – something that shouldn’t be passed up if possible.

If you don’t have the knack for garden, use hardy green varieties like peace lily or devils ivy. If you don’t think you could even keep them alive, you might want to consider some excellent, almost lifelike fake plants – of which there are many available nowadays.

3. Second-Hand Style

Purchasing second-hand ornaments will save you heap on quality pre-loved products. Furthermore, recycling old ornaments is good for the environment. You’re guaranteed to end up with some stylish, unique pieces that will differentiate your interior from others.

Check out your local op shops as well as head down to the occasional auction. You can find plenty of good items on sites like Facebook (buy and sell market), Gumtree and, of course, eBay. Just ensure you are looking in your area for larger pieces to avoid paying expensive shipping fees.

4. DIY

Have you ever considered tweaking your current pieces to give them an extra style boost? They might only need a little rejuvenation to totally change their aesthetic. Can your existing furniture use a bit of a touch-up? If there anything that can be reused or, better yet, revamped?

Bring your coffee table back to life with a little sanding and varnish. You could even paint it to give it a whole new vibe. You can completely change the style of an old bookshelf or cabinet with a simple coat of paint. You can find endless design ideas with a simple Google search and before you know it you will become a DIY, custom interior design pro.

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