Behind The Scenes: How We Create Hampton Style Homes

13 Jul

The modern world is fast-paced, loaded with technologies, innovations and stress. The last place you want that sense of overwhelming pressure to bleed into is your own home. So for us at Leneeva, there’s really no surprise around the rising trend of Hampton-style properties.

Why? Well, they’re the perfect blend of effortless chic, a sense of space and light that provides the ultimate relaxation, while also boasting elegance and sophistication. And best of all, they give you the vibe of a sanctuary away from Melbourne’s concrete jungle mayhem, complete with accessible affordability.

Exploring the elegance of Hampton-style homes

The Hamptons are located on New York’s Long Island and are host to elegant seaside dwellings, occupied by the rich and the famous.

The purpose of this iconic hotspot was originally to provide a laid-back escape from the chaos of New York City, complete with that movie-like coastal charm that disperses worries in an instant. If you wander around these dreamy properties, you’re likely to find key features like:

  • A light and muted colour palette
  • Open plan living
  • Sprawling balconies and patios
  • Timber wall paneling and flooring, coupled with stone and marble countertops in the kitchens and bathrooms.


What’s all the rage about?

The appeal is obvious. The design is exquisite and doesn’t require an enormous amount of effort to construct or maintain. The Hampton-style architecture was born from a need to provide flexible liveability, so the result embraces an ultimate ‘retreat’ away from the pressures of the real world.

In a time where uncertainty is continuously mounting and the stresses of reality are always in full swing, a calm lifestyle is something we see families flocking towards. And what better way to achieve that vibe than with the ever-popular profile of Hampton-style homes?

Linea weatherboard – why and how?

When our team uses this style for a custom building template, the outside of the property is just as important as inside. Creating that same sense of space and light means you need brilliant white shades unsullied by the elements and wear and tear.

Because of this, weatherboards are essential to create this style, as they provide clean lines and a modern, pristine appearance that lasts for decades.

The Process and End Result

Scyon Linea Weatherboard has been the cladding of choice for beachside properties – like the Hampton-style look – for decades, due to its durability and striking appearance.

Leneeva Homes exclusively uses this premium material as it is synonymous with Hampton styling, modern and chic, while retaining that traditional charm and strong enough to ward off the elements, impact from children playing, and even fire.

Recently, we took a walk-through of one of our fresh builds at Sandringham to highlight the modern sleekness of this material and the invisible reinforcements that make it so durable.

Most notably, we used weatherboard for its man-made consistency and craftsmanship. With All of the fixings located at the top, it allows us to hide fixings from plain sight. When it comes to painting, it makes the final result far more seamless.

Meanwhile, the corners are crafted from a metal base, creating a nice and stable finish. They’re less likely to move and are able to withstand significant impact. When it comes to boards like this, maintenance isn’t an issue. Once they’re installed and painted, they’re there for the life of the property.

If you’re looking to build a Hampton-style property in the bayside area of Melbourne, we’re ready and here to get started on your development.

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