The Best Sloping Block Builders in Melbourne

"A sloping site is an opportunity to design a homes that works with the lay of the land."

Sloping block house designs – all you need to know

Buying a sloping site presents new landowners with the unparalleled opportunity to design a home that works with the natural lay of the land. While the idea can seem daunting at first – at least compared to a more straightforward slab-based property – the expert team here has the engineering, planning and construction knowledge you need to create a gorgeously elevated site.

If your site has a slope then you have the potential to choose a construction solution that works in conjunction with the lay of the land, rather than against it.

Our team of engineers, builders and experts has extensive experience working on some of the steepest sloping block home designs in Melbourne, achieving a consistent rate of spectacular results with a polished finish. After surveying the site and understanding levels, our builders or architects will go on to make a recommendation in line with your design brief.

Read on to hear the features that this kind of block can bring to your property through augmenting the natural elevation and curvature of the land.


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This tri-level split home in Croydon North is a great example of a home integrating and working with the slope of the site. Sloping both front  to back and right to left this site causes challenges on two planes.

As specialists in the design and construction of split-level homes, we’re able to handle even the most unconventional and challenging of properties. Don’t forget that you can book a free consultation above, or continue reading to hear how we can support your own construction journey.

Regardless of your functionality and design preferences, Leneeva is here to assist you in the creation of your perfect property – from dual occupancy homes to mansions with a classically modern look. Get in touch with our professional team of consultants today.

Explore this project

With ten (10) metres of fall from corner to corner, this site created a serious design challenge.

Working with the sites natural slope and keeping living areas perched up high to take in views of the surrounding hills make this home very special.

All about custom sloping site designs

Don’t be daunted by a sloping site – some of the best addresses in Melbourne are in areas where sites often include rise or fall. Since you cannot just put a pre-designed, single level slab home on there, custom designing with a split or multilevel means you’re more likely to end up with a more satisfying result in most instances.

Time and care will need to be put into the design process to ensure the property is structurally sound, while also looking the part. By the end of the journey, you’ll have a truly unique house to call your own. Leneeva has vast experience in this area, designing and constructing stunning homes on sloping blocks across South East Melbourne and Victoria regions.

Understanding your custom options

There are a number of key aesthetic benefits which have increased the popularity of sloping sites over the last few decades. One contributing factor to this trend is the increased demand for split-level homes in Melbourne.

Designed to fit more living space onto a small block, a split-level house is a natural choice for this type of land foundation. Through using this natural foundation, it’s also possible to create phenomenal views from the top-most level of your home (and potentially your other floors, depending on your neighbouring properties). Flat blocks simply do not provide the same access to an elevated viewing position, perfect for large windows or a sprawling patio.

Split level properties are defined by their staggered floor levels connected by short flights of stairs, and can be arranged in a wide range of styles. There is also the option to choose a multi-level, raised property. This means two levels are connected by a single entrance. You can separate both spaces to your liking, and with the elevation from the slope, you can also include decking and other spaces to enjoy the view.

How a sloping block house can benefit you

On a more practical note, sloping blocks have always been popular due to their natural cross ventilation, meaning that wind and air will travel through your home in the form of a gentle breeze – perfect for summer’s heat or a rainy Melbourne day. This organic feature can play a significant role in decreasing your air conditioning bill in the hottest months of the year.

Sloping block house designs also present a great opportunity to consider more sustainable options like building into the site using retaining walls as part of the home structure which provides great thermal mass providing natural insulation that will drive your heating and cooling bills down.

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