Whether you have your own design or need help to design<br />
one, we can help. We specialise in custom homes.

Custom Home Building

Whether you have your own design or need help to design
one, we can help. We specialise in custom homes.

Leading Custom New Home Builders in Melbourne

At Leneeva Homes, we pride ourselves as seasoned custom builders, dedicated to crafting unique properties that embody your vision and lifestyle in Melbourne. Whether you have a precise design in mind or need expert assistance preparing a plan from scratch, our team is here to guide you through every step of creating custom-built projects.

Building custom homes that are adaptable, attractive and affordable

As custom new home builders, we appreciate that each of our clients will have their own unique needs and aspirations. With this in mind, our approach to delivering a custom-designed home is as personalised as possible, with our team offering support and advice at every stage of your journey.

From assistance with initial plans to custom interior design, we are committed to delivering an end-to-end service. Our collaborative partnership ensures all custom-built projects are meticulously tailored to your desires, resulting in properties that are not only functional and liveable but also aesthetically pleasing and reflective of your style.

Embark on the journey of custom-built projects

All journeys begin with a single step. Join us as we explore Richard and Anita’s journey, from the initial contract signing to the triumphant completion of their Hamptons-inspired custom home.

Custom design process from our new home builders

Leneeva Homes has developed a refined process that offers clients three distinct custom home design paths, each meticulously developed to manage costs effectively while adhering to the agreed building budget. By working through the stages of these structured processes, our custom builders ensure that your project seamlessly transitions from vision to reality without any additional financial or emotional strain.

In-house custom design services

With an experienced in-house custom home designer at your disposal, crafting a customised plan that aligns with your vision has never been easier. At Leneeva Homes, we are committed to turning your ideas into architectural masterpieces.

Specialising in custom-built projects from sloping sites

Turn your sloping site into an opportunity with Leneeva Homes. Our specialist builders believe in designing custom homes to work with a slope, not against it. Minimise wasting money on retaining walls and concentrate on your home’s design and features.

Knock down rebuild for custom building solutions

Do you love where you live, but would love a brand-new home? Our new home builders can guide you through the process of knocking down your existing property and rebuilding a custom plan on your current block.

Custom interior design support

Working closely with professional interior designers, we ensure that every space within your home is not only functional but also a visual delight. Our custom interior design services are dedicated to creating environments as beautiful as they are comfortable.

Custom landscape design to complement your new home

Beautiful homes need beautiful gardens. As a part of our overall custom-built projects, our expert builders ensure your garden spaces are carefully designed to complement and highlight your home’s beauty.

Pool design & installation

If your plans include a pool, we can help with provisioning for a future pool or working with one of our pool installation partners to make it part of your project.

Dual Occupancy & Multi Residential

Leneeva Homes works closely with our design partners to maximise the use of your land whilst creating the appeal that helps attract great tenants or premier buyers should you decide to sell. We also offer a free project brief meeting to better help you understand what is possible with custom building, as well as the available pathways and processes.

Full Turn Key Solutions

Leneeva Homes provide full turnkey packages for clients who don’t want to be involved with supplementary trades to complete a custom-built project.

Ideal for all types of projects, from owners who want a complete bespoke finish to investors who want a ready-to-lease property from experienced custom builders. A turnkey solution may be for you.

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