Follow Richard & Anita through their journey to a new custom designed home.

The Journey

Follow Richard & Anita through their journey to a new custom designed home.

It all begins here

Richard and Anita have embarked on a Custom Build journey which we will follow from contract signing to completion.
Experience the process through their eyes and see their reactions as we reach each milestone during the build.

Custom designing your own home

This is where it all begins, Richard and Anita have just signed contracts for their new Hampton’s inspired home after working through our Custom Design process.

Hear about the process and their experience so far.

Frame walk through

Approaching the frame stage you are invited by your supervisor to walk through your home for the first time. At this stage the ideas start to become spaces and it’s also an opportunity to discuss some of the areas which may yet to be finalised.

Richard and Anita’s excitement is evident as we take a walk through their new home for the first time.

Beyond Lock Up

We revisit this project mid way through the fixing stage. With construction of the lock up completed a few weeks earlier we have already moved on internally installing the plaster lining and preparing to complete the fixing stage.

The home at this stage really starts to take on a personality with key features now clear to see.

More to come….

Following a new home build takes time, so stay tuned as we will continue to follow Richard and Anita when their home nears completion.

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