Design Process

"Working through the seven step process reduces costs and ensures the project is managed within the agreed building budget."

Guide from Your Custom Builder

Through years of experience, Leneeva Homes has developed a seven-step guide on the home build process, which each customer can follow from project brief to building permits. After getting to know all initial requirements and objectives, our pre-contract house drafting services help our Melbourne clients have their sites investigated and surveyed, offering insights into full project potential. Your custom builder will then work with you through conceptualising designs, estimates, contracts and into the construction phases.

Pathway from Project Brief & House Drafting Services to Construction Phases

The structured pathway is customised for three distinct design paths in the home build process:

  1. Standard Custom: For clients who want the flexibility from their custom builder to modify a standard Leneeva design.
  2. Full Custom: For clients wanting a custom home design that truly reflects their personality and works with their site and neighbourhood.
  3. Pre-Designed Custom: For clients who have already received house drafting services and have either planning approval, a concept plan or working drawings.

Leneeva Homes offers a free project brief meeting to better help you understand the pathways and home build process.

Owner Portal For Those Building Your Home

To enhance the building experience at Leneeva Homes, we have introduced our very own customer online portal. The new program powered by Buildertrend, the world leader in construction software, will deliver customers a unique opportunity to follow their projects from the custom house design concept to the completion of each of the construction phases.

Buildertrend will provide our customers with a similar tool used by our team to track progress and schedule suppliers and trades. Buildertrend is available via the website or mobile app and will allow you to access documents, view financial information, daily logs from your Leneeva supervisor, including photos, as well as a real-time schedule of works during the building of your home!

Custom House Design Inspiration

Join Joe Dimech as he takes us through a tour of this custom-designed home, which takes into consideration the sloping site, a protected tree and the customer’s wishes for a truly unique home build process.

Comprehensive House Drafting Services for Our Melbourne Clients

Drafting services, also known as technical drawing or architectural drafting, is a crucial step in the home design process translating your dream custom home designs into a tangible, workable blueprint. It’s where we can fine-tune ideas, visualise structures, and refer back to them during each and all construction phases.

With precision, expertise, and an eye for innovation, our dedicated team of draftspeople at Leneeva Homes work collaboratively with our clients and custom builders, ensuring every line drawn aligns with the homeowner’s vision and meets the standards of architectural excellence. It’s a strategic process that anticipates and addresses potential challenges in construction, considering aspects such as the site’s topography, the local climate, and the intended functionality of each space. By leveraging the latest in drafting technology combined with decades of hands-on experience, we create plans that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

The Stepping Stones to Success for a Custom Home Design in Melbourne

Over the years of delivering successful, high-standard projects for all our clients in Melbourne, Leneeva Homes has refined the process to seven simple steps to success when building your home.

This allows us to deliver full transparency from start to finish and ensures we deliver on your exact requirements and budget.

Our Seven Steps to a Custom House Design with Your Builder

  1. Project brief: This is where your custom builder will get to know you, your vision and your requirements for your construction. This is where we ensure everything you envisage for your property becomes possible against your budget and finishes expectations.
  2. Pre-contract house drafting services: This is where your ideas begin to materialise, with your site investigated and surveyed, along with a concept plan drafted taking into account your ideas from the project brief.
  3. Concept review: This is a step in the process where we review the concept design against your ideas and compare different options to determine which is right for you, whilst reviewing whether the estimated cost is within your budget.
  4. Estimate review: This is where we ensure that your requirements and budgets align, ensuring there is no cost blowout down the construction phases and setting formal targets to ensure you get your dream home for the right price. It is also at this stage that you will visit our interior designer to begin working on the finishes of your home in more detail.
  5. Quotation and plan review: Following the estimate review, we can put together a formal quote for building your home (with no surprises later on), and we can go over the plan one last time to double-check that no stone has been left unturned, before finalising drawings and engineering.
  6. Pre-contract: This is the first step of the contract process where you review all the documentation associated with the contract signing before contracts are prepared.
  7. Contract signing: Formal signing of contracts and documentation, which then enables for a building permit to be applied for and, upon issue, construction to begin.

Leneeva Homes can also assist with specialised elements of building your home, depending on your circumstances and requirements, including:

  • Drafting appointments: Not applicable to pre-designed custom home design projects
  • Interior Design vision session: A session with our interior design partners that can help you design the perfect interior for your tastes, personality and requirements.
  • Interior Design selection: The final choices with our interior designer so that it will all be ready when you move into your new home.
  • Electrical selection: Do you have specialised electrical requirements? We can arrange a sit down with our partner to ensure this is all factored into the construction process.

Three Design Pathways for Different Customers and Clients

Leneeva Homes also has three different design paths using a combination of our house design processes, drafting services, and the rest of the above that have been structured for standard custom home design projects or pre-designed constructions.

We also offer a free project brief meeting to help you understand these pathways and processes. Contact us at Leneeva Homes today to arrange a no-obligation sit-down and get to understand our approach and differences that position us as the best team for custom-designed homes in Melbourne.

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