6 Challenges Faced by Sloped Block Builders

31 May
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For sloping block builders, the terrain sets the stage for an extraordinary dance of design, engineering, and environmental considerations. When done right, the rewards can be breathtaking, but narrow, sloping block home designs require a unique, specialist approach to avoid complications.

As seasoned sloping block builders in Melbourne, Leneeva Homes understands the challenges and rewards of working with these projects. In this article, we aim to shed light on six of the most significant hurdles in sloped block home construction, as well as methods we utilise to overcome them.

Challenge 1: Site Accessibility

The gradient of the land is obviously the primary challenge, not just in a matter of aesthetics, but also an issue of practicality.

A sloping block builder must ask, ‘How do we get heavy machinery onto a site that is anything but flat?’ Naturally, the slope angle can hinder the accessibility of standard construction and excavation vehicles that will prepare and traverse the site, potentially complicating and prolonging the building process.

Fortunately, experienced firms like Leneeva Homes, with great exposure in building narrow, sloping block home designs, can take advantage of specialised machinery and adaptive construction techniques to ensure the building process runs as smoothly as possible.

Challenge 2: Drainage Issues

Although not the most exciting element of home construction, drainage is an integral aspect that will not only impact how your family enjoys the property, but also have an impact on your surrounding neighbours.

For example, without proper planning and design, rainwater can run down the natural slope of the property’s surface and accumulate around the base of the building, leading to potential structural damage.

As sloping block builders, we incorporate functional drainage systems and landscaping strategies, such as retaining walls and gradient manipulation, to direct rainwater away from the house. Our approach to these challenges ensures that when buying a block of land and building later, your home will remain secure and dry.

Challenge 3: Soil Erosion

The threat of soil erosion is an ongoing concern during home construction on a sloped block. Sloping land is often made secure by a selection of vegetation that, when disturbed, can impact the site’s stability. Moreover, excessive water paired with insufficient drainage can lead to prolonged erosion, further destabilising the building site and making construction tricky and potentially unsafe.

At Leneeva Homes, we employ comprehensive geotechnical assessments to understand your site’s soil composition and stability. We then employ erosion prevention techniques, such as terracing and constructing retaining walls, to safeguard your property for years to come.

Challenge 4: Increased Construction Costs

Although the land is often available at a lower price than comparable, flatter properties, building on a slope typically requires an expanded budget. Factors such as the need for specialist machinery, additional earthworks and excavation, retaining walls, and innovative construction methods can all contribute to these increased costs.

Should this deter you? Definitely not!

We believe balancing the potential additional costs with the unique benefits of a sloping block is essential, as the unique positioning, stunning views, and increased natural light are just a few of the rewards awaiting those who venture into sloped block building.

Challenge 5: Design Limitations

Narrow, sloping blocks can introduce limitations with home designs. A flat block provides a blank canvas, but a sloping block requires creativity and flexibility in design to work with the land’s natural contours. For example, slope angle and orientation will have to be kept in mind to ensure the building is structurally sound. Split-level living is, therefore, a popular, cost-effective choice, as well as open-plan living and alfresco areas to embrace the natural light and extended views available.

Leneeva Homes embrace these conditions, seeing them as opportunities for innovative design solutions rather than obstacles. Our team works closely with you throughout the planning process, moulding your vision to maximise available space.

Challenge 6: Landscape Integration

Having your dream home seamlessly integrate with your surrounding landscape is something every owner wants, but it requires careful planning from your sloped block builders.

Landscape architects play an essential role in shaping outdoor spaces, ensuring that the building and the environment coexist harmoniously. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also helps in erosion control and drainage management.

Find the Right Sloping Block Builders with Leneeva Homes

If you have considered buying a sloping block of land to build later, then it is imperative that you find an experienced sloping block builder who can help you through the project. Speak with our professional team at Leneeva Homes today for more information by calling (03) 9553 9823 or submitting an online inquiry with your preferred contact details.

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