9 Outdoor Dining Area Design Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Alfresco Experience

15 Feb
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Big fan of outdoor dining? Of course, you are – having an outdoor dining area does so much more than just allow you to soak in the sun with your meals; it also adds tremendous beauty and value to your property.

But there’s so much more that goes into alfresco dining than just the perfect dining set. To help you achieve a complete alfresco dining experience, we have compiled our favourite outdoor dining ideas. These should help inspire your vision, allowing you to select from the list which ones would fit your desired outcome the most.

From the layout of the area down to the smallest details, we will show you how to create your perfect outdoor dining area that also compliments the design of your home.

1. Breathe life to your alfresco dining area with plants

Sunlight can be a rejuvenating force unlike any other, but when it gets too hot, the dining experience can prove unpleasant. Breathe fresh, cooling life into your alfresco dining area with the right balance of luscious plants. The leaves will provide refreshing shade, while the calming greens cool the air as well as your eyes; their inclusion is sure to also improve the general mood of the area.

More importantly, plants work well in all settings! Whether you’re looking to keep yourself from overheating, going for a romantic vibe on date night, or want a covered outdoor dining area with overhanging vines to provide natural shade, plants will always be a perfect addition to your setup.

And when things get dark? Switch on some charming lights that you have installed to hang above your guests, illuminating the experience in a warm, welcoming hue.

2. Add a table and a glass fence

If you play the host for summer pool parties, then upgrading your poolside deck with a table allows everyone a place to relax (and eat!) while taking a break from swimming. Naturally, you might be concerned about your guests getting wet while the BBQ is going – a great solution for that is to include a protective glass fence with your alfresco dining space. That separates the swimming area from the remaining space and it lets your guests enjoy a dry area from the wet, without blocking that gorgeous pool view. Something else that’s super handy? It also works as a safety barrier for children in the vicinity, so you can let the kids play all day long while the adults enjoy a nice glass of red by the pool!

3. Use stackable dining chairs

If your terrace isn’t as large and accommodating as you would like, that doesn’t mean you have to limit your outdoor dining room designs ideas. We just need to get creative. For example, stackable dining chairs allow you to put them neatly away after dining so the area wouldn’t look so crowded.

To ensure that you’re retaining the aesthetic value of your alfresco dining area, the colour of your chairs should blend easily on the background, lending some level of “invisibility.”

4. Create a covered outdoor dining area

Most alfresco dining designs wouldn’t be complete without some kind of cover. For the sake of practicality, it permits you and your guests the ability to enjoy outdoor dining no matter the weather or time of day. Plus, it also improves the landscape design by adding another creative element.

Why not round up the look with a pergola or veranda? You can choose a colour matching the walls, but can also go for a stunning white that would further brighten the area.

Is it too hot? Is it drizzling? No problem! If you’re looking for versatile outdoor dining room design ideas, you can’t go wrong with an awning. This removable and easy-to-install feature creates a temporary covered area to protect you from the elements without making the place too dark.

Choose a colour that will work well with your table setting or the walls so when they’re stacked, they can be a nice little piece on their own.

5. Choose versatile flooring designs for your alfresco dining area

You’ll probably want to spice up your alfresco dining designs from time to time, so be careful not to limit your options with flooring that’s hard to pair with your ideas. At the same time, you want floors to be sturdy enough to support various activities, your furniture, and any cooking appliances within the space.

One trick for narrowing down your options is going with something similar to what you have indoors. Just remember to balance designs and functionality.

6. Set up an outdoor speaker

If you have a covered outdoor dining area, it’s always a good idea to do more to create an atmosphere while in use. So why not introduce an outdoor speaker? It can become the table’s centrepiece, or install it by a nearby wall so the music is evenly heard from anywhere on the table.

The most crucial thing to look for in your speaker should be its waterproof feature. Accidents can happen, after all, but if it’s waterproof, it will be protected from any spills.

7. Invest in an outdoor rug for your dining room

Who said that you should sacrifice comfort just to get fresh air? Make the outdoors just as comfortable as your indoors  spaces by using an outdoor rug. Apart from providing a more comfortable area while dining, it also prevents friction from the damaging furniture feet.

Outdoor rugs can add more detail to your flooring that you can easily switch up to adapt to future design changes that you may introduce (just remember to shield it from rain).

8. Allocate space for storage

Even if you’re just using the area to dine, you’ll still need storage space, especially if the area also serves as an outdoor kitchen. Having enough storage ensures that everything’s neatly in place and doesn’t distract from the carefully-designed outdoor dining area. This can be as simple as installing cabinets or drawers to house commonly used utensils, table linen and cutlery.

9. Have fun with the colours

Running out of outdoor dining ideas? No need to get new furniture! Give your alfresco dining area a new look by trying your hand at painting. You will find there may already be a great range of colour from your plants and dining setting, so why not add some lighter, brighter shades to introduce some more freshness to the area? Perhaps even stylish artwork matching the tones of the space to cover walls or supportive pillars? The choice is yours!

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Where there is outdoor space available to enjoy the fresh air, there is the potential for creating an alfresco dining area. For more information on how to create an outdoor dining area, please contact our specialist team at Leneeva Homes today by calling (03) 9553 9823.

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