Achieving Your Desired Look: Hamptons Style Homes in Melbourne

31 Oct
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Whenever you decide to build a new home, it is always incredibly exciting to get creative and start selecting your preferred style and décor. There are many architectural styles and interior design options to choose between, from traditional aesthetics from eras gone-by to more contemporary layouts. An incredibly popular option that holds many of the most desired home features is the chic, Hamptons-style home.

At Leneeva Homes, we enjoy experimenting with varying styles and working with different techniques to offer our clients their dream custom-designed homes in Melbourne. Our builders have many years of experience crafting the classic Hamptons style, and have compiled some of our best tips to help you realise the Hamptons effect when you build your new home. 


What is a Hamptons Style Home?

The Hamptons style evokes images of that unmistakable and timeless American East Coast charm. Thoughts of light colours on cladded walls, relaxed beachy vibes, and lounging by the water inspire home buyers and builders around the country to create their own Hamptons dream. 

Defined by sophisticated and natural designs crossed with rustic, casual beach style, there is something for everyone to love with a new Hamptons build. A typical Hamptons-style home will feature:


-Light-coloured walls, often white, with white trim and mouldings throughout

-Flooring is typically either wooden or stone, in neutral colours such as grey or beige

-Furnishings are classic and elegant in nature; think wingback chairs and velvet couches.

-Natural materials like linen, cotton and rattan are often used to bring texture and personality to the space.


Home buyers looking to design luxury homes can combine glamour and romance, harnessing their unique preferences and the most desired home features to create a Hamptons home with an Aussie twist. We are fortunate in Melbourne to enjoy prime property locations that benefit from similar climates and stunning vistas, pairing beautifully with the iconic home features of a Hamptons design. 


6 Tips to Build a New Hamptons Home for Melbourne Home Buyers

Ready to start working with builders on custom design homes in Melbourne? Consider the various features associated with luxury Hamptons homes to guide your planning.  

Here are six top tips you can think about when working with professional designers and builders to achieve the ultimate Hamptons look for your new home. 


1. Incorporate Hamptons Style with Most Desired Patterns & Features

One of the best ways to incorporate some Hamptons style into a new luxury build is to embrace the unique patterns for which the look is famous. From using geometric designs on the ceiling to introducing simple patterns on the doors and furnishings, this is an excellent way for home buyers to achieve their desired aesthetic. 


2. Consider Window Placement for New Luxury Homes

When builders are working on plans for custom design homes in the Hamptons style, the placement of windows is crucial. To ensure your new build includes the light-filled, open rooms that are key to creating a Hampton effect, there needs to be plenty of access to natural light with features like multi-paned windows and skylights. 


3. Channel Hamptons Style with White Walls for a New Build

Luxury homes in the Hamptons style channel an air of timeless sophistication. Airy and light, this décor is achieved mainly through clean white walls, which create the illusion of space in a new build and presents an open foundation for custom design homes. 


4. Integrate Coastal Colours in Custom Design Homes

A Hamptons-style home embraces a natural palette, including creamy tones, neutral colours and coastal influences like sea greens and blues. To achieve a Hamptons-style home, use this colour scheme, inside and out, to complement crisp white walls in your build. 


5. Opt for Luxury Plantation Shutters

Not only are plantation shutters stunning, but they are also a great way to control temperature and light in spaces throughout your new home. As one of the most desired home features for new and experienced home buyers, these stylish shutters are a must-have for homeowners looking to recreate classic Hamptons-style in Melbourne. 


6. Build a New Home with Timber Floorboards

Timber boards are an iconic feature of a Hamptons-style home. Synonymous with comfort and glamour, this flooring can create a warmth and dramatic feel that adds to the overall décor of luxury homes channelling Hampton’s vibes. 


Achieve Your Desired Hamptons Style Home Designs with Leneeva Homes

Our team of builders and designers at Leneeva Homes have years of experience and knowledge in creating custom designs for home buyers in Melbourne. 

To learn more about achieving the luxury Hamptons home of your dreams, contact us today by submitting an online enquiry complete with all your details or call our builders at (03) 9553 9823, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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