Build a Grand Design: Early Planning Works & New Challenges in Australia

30 Mar
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A home is an oasis where your family can retire from the outside world and live in comfort. As such, when putting together your building plans, take the time to include all of the features that create your version of a sanctuary – a real grand design in Australia.

After all, embarking on a project like this requires careful planning and attention to detail. From site preparation for construction to overcoming the challenges of installing unique features like slab foundations, tennis courts, and swimming pools, every step must receive meticulous review before moving ahead. 

In this article, our team at Leneeva Homes will guide you through the early planning works and some new challenges to consider that will help you create your dream home while avoiding common pitfalls.


Site Preparation for Construction

A crucial aspect of any successful grand design project in Australia is site preparation. Proper site preparation ensures a smooth construction process and lays the foundation for a well-executed project.


Site analysis and selection

Before selecting a site, it’s essential to evaluate its condition to identify any constraints. Areas for review include soil type, slope, drainage, and accessibility. Compliance with planning permits and zoning regulations is also a must, so be sure to research local building codes and restrictions to avoid potential issues down the line. 

All of these factors will be worked into the design process so your team can develop a realistic project brief and pre-contract drafting, as well as avoid any potential complications (or disasters) down the road.


Clearing and grading the site

Your team will need to remove all vegetation, debris, and any obstacles from the site to create a clear and level working area for the slab placement and future backyard landscaping. Grading the site will also likely be necessary, which involves levelling and compacting the ground to ensure proper plumbing and drainage and a solid foundation for your home.


Plumbing and drainage

Speaking of plumbing and drainage, a functional system is vital to prevent flooding and water damage both throughout the construction process and at completion. Consult with professionals to design and install a system that suits your property’s unique requirements.

You will also need to coordinate with local water and sewer authorities to ensure your home’s plumbing system is compliant and efficient.


Early Planning Works

A well-executed plan is key to any successful grand design project. From developing building plans to creating a comprehensive new home build checklist, thorough preparation will pave the way for a smooth construction process.


Developing building and home plans

Collaborate with architects, custom home designers and builders to create a home plan that perfectly meets your needs, preferences, and budget. Be sure to also incorporate your desires for backyard landscaping and outdoor features into your plans to create a cohesive and functional living space.


Creating a new home build checklist

List all necessary permits, inspections, and approvals required for your project, ensuring you meet local regulations and avoid delays. To avoid disappointment and create reasonable expectations for your team, you should also establish a realistic timeline and budget to help you manage your project effectively.


Sourcing materials and suppliers

Select the appropriate yard, building and landscape supplies that complement your design and meet your quality standards. 

Today, more and more people are choosing sustainable and locally sourced materials where possible to support local businesses and minimise their project’s environmental impact. At the very least, be sure to work with reputable companies that are guaranteed to deliver on time and provide high-quality goods.


New Challenges When Installing Desirable Features

Unique features like slab foundations, tennis courts, and swimming pools can present new challenges. Overcoming these obstacles requires careful planning, coordination, and expertise:


Building the slab foundation

As mentioned above, proper soil conditions and compaction are crucial for a strong and stable slab foundation. Your home building team should include or at least consult with structural engineers to ensure your site meets the necessary requirements.


Installing tennis courts

Select appropriate surface materials and drainage solutions to create a durable and functional tennis court. You will also need to comply with local regulations and guidelines to ensure your tennis court meets safety and performance standards.


Constructing swimming pools

Swimming pools can either be purchased with pre-made structures or custom designs to fit your desired layout within your backyard landscaping. To ensure there are no delays, you will want your home builders and pool builders to work in tandem, creating the most opportune moment for installation within the wider new home build checklist. This includes addressing all plumbing, electrical, and structural requirements during the planning phase to ensure a seamless and safe installation process.


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