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Custom Hampton Style Appeal

The Hamptons have long been renowned for their iconic house designs. In recent years, many residents of Melbourne’s seaside suburbs have gravitated towards these gorgeous American-style homes.

Many Australians are making the switch toward classic Hamptons-style homes, as their sweeping structures and nautical facets easily complement our natural, beach-dotted landscape. The large windows allow for plenty of natural sunlight, as well as providing glorious, sweeping views of your surroundings. Moreover, the light tones used for the roofing tiles provide sun deflection, helping to naturally keep the house cooler during the hotter months of the year.

This iconic, easily recognisable design is typically built with timber that boasts a white or beige tone across the facade and throughout the interiors. Designs often feature dark or navy tiles and large, bay-style windows.

As this particular architectural style is still in vogue in Australia, there has been an exponential increase in the demand for Hamptons builders in Melbourne. This luxurious trend in design is here to stay, having proven its popularity is not just because of its eponymous New York locale.

American-style Homes Now a Popular Trend in Melbourne

This style was popularised through the development of New York’s sister state, Long Island, where affluent Manhattanites began to search beyond the Burroughs for a place to escape the summer heat. Today, these sprawling weatherboard homes are popular across the entire East Coast, from Cape Cod and Nantucket, all the way up to Maine.

A number of adaptations have transformed the Hamptons style into a new hybridity of our own. Australia’s interpretation of this classic architectural vision has transformed from the iconic panelling, large windows and neutral palette to incorporate our own native tones of grey-green, sage and pale cerulean blue.

Leneeva is widely regarded by many in the industry as one of Melbourne’s leading Hamptons style builders, having developed an incredible team specifically skilled in the design and construction of this style over the years. With plenty of experience in constructing weatherboard homes throughout Melbourne, we have the skills required to turn your dream of owning a little slice of Long Island into a reality right here in Australia.

Why Choose Us As Your Hamptons Style Home Builders?

With decades of expertise as Hamptons builders and a warm, customer-focused approach, we are a premier team who prize our ongoing dedication to providing our clients with the best in design and construction.

When you choose Leneeva to create your own little Long Island in Melbourne, you’re choosing a group of highly skilled, experienced professionals who fully understand your aesthetic vision and the construction skills needed to realise your goals. Throughout the entire process, we approach building with your best interests at heart. Take a look at one of our examples here.

We don’t see our clients as another number – we believe in creating happy, ongoing client relationships. We also believe these connections are the ones that will continue to benefit you in the long term.

About our approach

While creating a new property from scratch is a huge step, our approach does not end after you cut the red ribbon. We will continue to support you in sourcing, renovating and adding on to your gorgeous new abode. Throughout each phase of the project, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing you can trust our skills and our proven track record of spectacular Hamptons homes.

We work with the ethos of ensuring our clients are always in the know regarding the progress of the project. That’s why we’re also on hand to provide valuable updates about your property – because throughout the construction process and beyond, it’s our property, too.

We provide our clients with complete access to our directors in case there are any questions you would like answered regarding your project, its progress and any other elements of our expertise. As proud contemporary home builders, we bring a fresh eye and open heart to every project.

The human element is essential to us here at Leneeva. We understand that your construction journey, your new home and your investment are all important to you, so we keep your satisfaction at the top of our priority list. Constructing Hamptons-style homes is our passion, and we work hard to achieve great results – ones which we know our clients are truly proud to live in and share with their families and friends.

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We also have a variety of other specialty teams who can work with you to create your dream French provincial homes and more.

We are committed to providing an impeccable standard of service for any new or current clients. No matter your requirements, we will be happy to assist you with your enquiries or book you in for a consultation.

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