7 Reasons People Choose Custom Built Homes

16 Sep

What is the most obvious reason for choosing a custom built home?

Naturally, you get everything you want in the style you want it. For many home builders, the debate ends there, but there are a whole list of reasons why choosing a custom built home is the best option.

If you’re in the market for a new home but are unsure whether to personalise a standard home or build custom from scratch, Leneeva Homes has a list of reasons to consider choosing a truly customised home.

1. Custom Homes are Future Proof

Future proofing can take on a lot of meanings, but we here at Leneeva Homes are referring to family planning. One of the most typical reasons for families moving is they outgrow their current home, buying one that is more suitable for their growing family.

Custom building allows you the opportunity to build a home that accommodates you and your family today, with an eye toward what it will be like living there in the future. You can build a home that perfectly harmonises your current living situation and one for the future.

2. Reduced Monthly Energy Bills

Buying an existing home works for many, but retrofitting older homes with advanced, energy fixtures can get very expensive very quickly.

A new home buyer should always expect sustainable energy fixtures in their new home. But with a custom build there’s an awesome opportunity to produce a sustainable energy system for the home, whilst lowering your energy bills altogether.

3. More Flexibility

Younger families often expect amply lit, open spaces that create a natural bridge between cooking, dining, housework, play and relaxation. A custom built home’s layout allows you the opportunity to create a highly inclusive family space, whilst providing ample privacy where necessary.

4. A Floor Plan that Suits Your Lifestyle

You want to be able to entertain in your new home (after all, it’s pretty fun to show off a beautiful new build). Having a suitable entertainment space can have a big impact on the home’s quality and, therefore, your quality of life. Building a custom contemporary home allows you the opportunity to maximise entertainment potential. Think custom patios, barbecue pits, pergolas and pools.

5. Express Yourself

What’s better than having a say in the finer details of your home? The opportunity to hand select light fixtures, doorknobs and kitchen appliances is one of the true joys of custom building a home. It’s your opportunity to create a living space that reflects you and your family as individuals.

6. Utilise Latest Technology

Integrated home technology is one of the fastest-changing elements of building a modern home. Out of the gate, smart appliances, home automation and multi-room audio systems are just some of the options when custom building your own home.

7. Choose Building Locations

Before you even have to think of roofing materials or grand room designs, you can choose where you want to build. Additionally, once you have purchased your property, you can then decide how you want to build on the land, creating a space that you are truly happy to call home.

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